PTFG FedEx Cup Rules

The Rules In 30 Seconds
Pick 3 golfers for each week's PGA FedEx Cup playoff tournament with the option to substitute 1 golfer with another after the 2nd round. (Note that a golfer can only be used TWICE* throughout the contest.)
Points are awarded based on how much money each selected golfer wins in each tournament.
Four tournaments total - the 4 FedEx Cup playoff tournaments as per the contest schedule.
Prizes are awarded to the top overall performers and weekly tournament winners as per the prize schedule.
About 5-10 minutes prior to the start of each tournament to pick your starting lineup and about 1-2 minutes the following Friday night / Saturday morning to select your sub.
$25 individual entry fee.

The Complete Rules
The goal of the contest is to accrue the most earnings by selecting PGA golfers to compete for you over the 4 FedEx Cup playoff tournaments. For each tournament, you will select 3 golfers who will compete as part of your team. At designated times during each tournament, as outlined below; you will be allowed to make golfer substitutions. The total winnings accrued by the 3 golfers in your lineup at the END of each tournament will be added to your total contest winnings. Total contest winnings are used to determine overall winners.
Scoring System
You may only use a golfer TWICE* during the contest. Once you have used a golfer twice, you may not use him again - except when using a MULLIGAN (see below). Anytime a golfer appears in your lineup, it counts as one of his two uses.

You must submit your 3 starting golfers via the website prior to first round play beginning each Thursday. The weekly lineup page contains the lineup deadline which is usually the same as the first tee time. Upon submitting your lineup, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your starting lineup.

Each golfer you submit for your starting lineup will earn you TWICE the winnings he is awarded (if he makes the cut and wins any money). After the cut has been determined at the completion of the 2nd round on Friday, you may substitute a golfer for ONE of the golfers you submitted in your starting lineup. However, the new golfer is only eligible for SINGLE winnings and both he and the golfer he was substituted for will be designated as having used 1 week of their 2 week eligibility. Your sub must be received by prior to the start of 3rd round play (usually Saturday 9 AM central time).

Each team will receive 2 mulligans that can be used during the contest. There are two ways in which a mulligan can be used:
  1. A mulligan may be used to use a golfer a third time (assuming you've already used him twice). This golfer is eligible for double winnings if he is in your starting lineup, single winnings if used as a third or fourth round sub.
  2. A mulligan may be used for a fourth round sub, but that golfer will only be awarded single winnings. If you have used him twice already, you will be charged 2 mulligans (one for his third use and another for a Sunday sub). Note that you may only use 1 fourth round mulligan per week.
Any time a mulligan is used to pick up a golfer, it will count towards his usage limit for the contest (which cannot exceed 3). The website tracks all golfer usages for each team and makes it easy to know how many times you've used a golfer prior to submitting your lineup. When you choose your golfers on the lineup page, you’ll see a number in parenthesis next to each golfer's name (1) which indicates how many times the golfer has already been used. However, you are SOLELY responsible for ensuring that your selected golfers are playing in each week's tournament as all 125+ PGA players are selectable each week. In the rare case you wish to start/sub a golfer not listed in the drop-downs, e-mail the commissioner so he can add the golfer to the list. If there is not enough time prior to a deadline, choose any other golfer as a proxy and send an e-mail to the commissioner notifying him of your intentions. The commissioner is able to adjust your lineup after the fact.

Lineup entry deadlines will be adjusted as needed to accommodate weather delays or tournament postponements. Always check the website for any updates.

In the rare case a golfer is started and withdraws prior to teeing off or NEVER plays in the tournament, he will not be charged a usage. This is known as a NO SHOW. If you have selected an alternate golfer, then your lineup will be updated with your alternate pick between the 1st and 2nd rounds. However, if your golfer hits even one shot and then withdraws or gets disqualified, you are out of luck! In the unlikely event that your alternate pick is also a NO SHOW, your alternate pick will not be used. Instead, your lineup will be updated with NO SHOW earning you $0 for that pick, but at least sparing you the usage. Like any other golfer, you can replace your NO SHOW pick with a weekend sub.

Contest Duration
The 2018 contest consists of 4 tournaments spanning from Aug 23 to Sep 23.

Prizes are awarded to the top overall performers and weekly tournament winners as per the prize schedule. There is a maximum of 300 participants.

Time Commitment
About 5-10 minutes prior to the start of each tournament to pick your starting lineup and about 1-2 minutes the following Friday night or Saturday morning to select your sub.

Entry Fee
Your league entry fee MUST be paid in full prior to the start of the contest. Click here to signup and pay via PayPal with PayPal funds or a credit card. A PayPal account is not required to pay with your credit card.